The System & FAQs

International Groups; Social Events; Expats

We try to make it as easy as possible for individuals to talk to each other. We have small ice-breaker games like “general question bingo”.

These international meetups are mainly to allow people to network, make new friends, talk to people that we haven’t met before, learn about other cultures and local places, etc.

We all meet new people all the time and if we have just moved here we almost only meet new people by default! But that is not the same as meeting people that we become close with. The “right” people, real people. This is another reason why these events are on.

Basic Rules

Here are some reasons why you may not be able to register for upcoming events, may be blacklisted from events and/or be told to leave events:

  • 1. You are using a registered spam email address, IP address or fake name to register.
  • 2. You were drinking excessively at events.
  • 3. You used abusive, sexist, racist, threatening language, verbally bullied guests or were swearing at guests.
  • 4. You were making people feel ashamed of who they are or where they were born.
  • 5. You said bad things about the actions of the country the guest was born in, directly to them, making them feel bad.
  • 6. Multiple guests have sent in complaints about you or you have done something that is considered to be inappropriate or financially damaging.
  • 7. You were telling people to remove their masks during events.
  • 8. You were drinking alcohol and then drove your car home. Please just use a taxi if you are drinking.
  • 9. You started or were involved in a fight.
  • 10. You are known for doing any of the things listed above at other clubs/places.
  • Etc.

Am I an international guest or Japanese guest?

This decision is not based on your passport or current nationality but the country you were born in.

If you were born in Japan you will be written down as a Japanese guest.

If you were born in other countries you will be written down as an international guest.

Even if your parents were born overseas but you were born in Japan you will still be written down as a Japanese guest.

Regardless of the length of time you have spent living overseas, if you were born in Japan you will still be written down as a Japanese guest.

Why are the prices different for different types of guests?

To increase the number of international guests at these private events we had to adjust the prices. We tried multiple events with the prices the same for everyone and almost no international guests came along. There is a nice balance of about half international guests and half Japanese guests now though.

International guests are getting a 200 yen discount if they are drinking 2 alcoholic drinks. So the difference in price is just 800 yen. As most events are 3 to 4 hours long this still works out really well for everyone but there is enough money to pay for the event space and reception, etc.

The price for Japanese guests used to be 3,000 yen on the day/unregistered and 2,500 yen if registered. So I lowered this to 2,500 on the day or 2,000 yen if registered with two drinks.